“Federico Clavarino works with symbols. His photographs represent one subject at a time and place it firmly in front of the viewer, leaving no chance for distraction. They are the playing cards of an unknown game, forming a syncopated and hyperbolic narration."
— Fantom

“The book successfully restitutes relevance and visibility to publicly disavowed colonial histories by deploying a complex set of uncomfortable and conflicting narratives of the past, which produce a reflexive viewer, suspended between memory and history, affection and reflection.”

— Benedetta Casagrande, Homecoming in the Hereafter, Master thesis

“Federico Clavarino’s The Castle is but one icepick in the spine of existential image making, but it is colder than most. Fragments and façades of an ever changing and undulating realm of images are questioned for their sanctity as well as their heritage/cultural potential.”
— Brad Feuerhelm on American Suburb X

“Italia o Italia is a sophisticated book that combines the formal and the political in a quite unique manner. But it is also a deeply pessimistic book, one that uses the symbols of the past to relate the slow tragedy of a dying present. And in the end that isn’t just the story of Italy, it is the story of everywhere.”
— Colin Pantall on Photoeye