Selected Lecturing & Curating

2022, SÅM Residency Curator, Lessinia, Italy
2022, Labyrinths & Labs, Palmtree Workshops, Santorini
2022, Research Tutor, CFP Bauer, Milan
2022, Photoediting module, Linea, Lecce
2021, Emergency Exit, workshop, Camera, Turin
2021, Traps, workshop, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam
2021, Corrispondenze, workshop, RUFA, Rome
2021, Ricevere, Tessere, Trasmettere, workshop, Condominio, Milan
2020, Visiting lecture, University of South Wales 
2019-2020, Visiting lectures with Tami Izko, University of Roehampton
2019-2020, El arco y las piedras, workshop, LENS, Madrid
2019, Atlas, workshop, La Regenta, Gran Canaria
2018-2019, Pensar la Fotografía, four lessons, PICA, Madrid
2018, Photography/Curating, workshop with Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger, Fotofestiwal, Łódź
2018, ISSP Summer School Residency, tutoring, ISSP, Latvia
2018, Ghost Stories, workshop, Arnolfini Centre/Bristol Archives, Bristol
2018, Cuore di Pietra, workshop, SineGlossa, Ancona
2018, Atlante, workshop, ISIA, Urbino
2018, Paisaje, Territorio, Identidad, workshop with Awoiska Van Der Molen and Jon Cazenave, Museo San Telmo, San Sebastian
2018, The Body Photographic, short course, University of Navarra
2018, Drawing in Sand, course, Atelier de Lisboa, Lisbon
2018, Tutoring in the Parallel Intersection European program, Lisbon
2018, Strateries Against the Map II, workshop with Andrea Grützner, Lisbon
2017, Il Corpo che Torna, workshop, MACRO, Rome
2017, Strategies Against the Map, workshop with Andrea Grützner, Berlin
2017, Un Cadaver Exquisito, a workshop on fragments and montage, CCCB, Barcelona
2016, Visiting lecture, Leeds College of Art
2016, The Inhabited Image, workshop, ISSP, Latvia
2015, Abitare l’immagine, workshop, D.O.O.R. Academy, Rome
2014, Resonancias, workshop, La Termica, Malaga

Teaching (BlankPaper Escuela, 2011-2017)

2016-2017, The Photobook: Editing and Production
2014-2017, Master Course in Photography
2015-2017, FOTO3. Developing a Photographic Project
2011-2016, FOTO2. Advanced Course in Photography
2011-2017, FOTO1. Introduction to Photography